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Coach Chris has been helping podcasters grow and monetize their shows since 2015. Here's just a few of those satisifed hosts.

Microphone Money

Making money podcasting shouldn't be this difficult. That's why Microphone Money is here to give podcasters multiple income streams from their podcast.

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Coach Chris isn't one of these new podcast coaches. He's been helping podcasters generate revenue from their shows for years! After making over $75,000, he's ready to share the details and strategies with podcasters around the world.

What You Get

  • Access to Microphone Money app

  • Copy of the Business of Podcasting

  • $10k Personal Branding Roadmap

  • Four Figure Podcast Program

  • Podcaster Content Creation Method

  • Group coaching access


We want to make sure you reach profitability as soon as possible. Thats why we're dedicated to working with podcasters hands on.

Bonus 1: Personalized Monetization Plan

You get to connect with Coach Chris one on one to discuss your podcast monetization goals and create the plan that will help you become profitable the fastest.

Bonus 2: Monetization Fast Track Workbook

Get the workbook to keep track of your progress and the strategies you're executing!

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Get time to work with Chris to create your podcast income streams in 90 days!

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